Encore, Encore: 4 Musicians Who Got Their Big Break Later in Life

Who said the music industry has to be a young person’s game? Some of the most renowned artists working in pop music today didn’t achieve commercial success until well after their twenties had ended.

Does Creativity Fade With Age?

It’s nice to believe that you are never too old to pursue your creative passions, but is this actually the case?

What’s in a Name? Rebranding Yourself

All it takes to fail is a bad name. Even if you are talented and full of good ideas, your name can still sink you.

Steve Jobs Version 1.0

Steve Jobs was a failure many times over. He never graduated college. He was fired from the company he started then nearly tanked his follow-up company. He even had a daughter out of wedlock, then denied the child was his, only to name a computer model after her (a computer that many, fittingly, have deemed a commercial failure.) Yet, these days, no one seems to doubt that Jobs is a visionary, which is a testament to his power to overcome setbacks and failures.

The Paige Compositor: Mark Twain’s Terrible Invention

It wasn’t the first time he’d made a bad investment. Twain once threw money towards a project to create a hand grenade that could extinguish fires. But the compositor was much worse for Twain and nearly bankrupted him.