Caveman’s Lead Singer Never Stopped Thinking His Band Would Be ‘The Biggest Thing’

“I’m always forever thinking that I’m going to be doing the biggest thing. If you don’t believe you’re going to be the biggest thing, then why are you doing it?”

Encore, Encore: 4 Musicians Who Got Their Big Break Later in Life

Who said the music industry has to be a young person’s game? Some of the most renowned artists working in pop music today didn’t achieve commercial success until well after their twenties had ended.

The Black Lips Were Told They’d End Up Working at a Gas Station

“We were all told there was no way we would amount to anything, we’d be working at a gas station. It’s kind of cool now because we’re more successful than the teachers who told us that.”

Patrick Carney: From ‘Bad Boy Bands’ to the Black Keys

In this interview, Carney speaks candidly with Opening Lines about how he got peer pressured into playing drums in high school, the lowest point he’s faced in his time in The Black Keys and why he thinks it’s harder for aspiring musicians to reach a wide audience today.

Jimmy Page Wanted to Cure Cancer (VIDEO)

Even more notable than his guitar playing in this clip of Page as a teenager (which is solid, but not exactly a revelation) is his candid response to what he dreamed of growing up to be. Hint: not a musician.

Did Bruce Springsteen Plagiarize His First Two Songs?

Bruce Springsteen

Before he was the boss, Bruce Springsteen was just another rebellious rock and roll wannabee. He grew up in Freehold, New Jersey, a steel mill town, and immersed himself in music during his teenage years.

How Tom Waits Got His Voice

Tom Waits grew up in a broken home that happened to be filled with music. His father, an alcoholic, sang a strange mix of Irish songs and Mexican music; his mother, soon to be a divorcee, sang lush harmonies with her sisters. (Meanwhile, his uncle, Vernon, had a terrible voice that sounded gravelly and full … Continue reading

Bob Dylan Gets Booed Out of His Hometown

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

Did the first lyric by the greatest songwriter of a generation actually receive a B+?