Woody Norris: Birth of an Inventor

Norris spoke with Opening Lines about his very first invention, the incredible story behind his big break and what inventors today need to do in order to become successful.

Where Do Good Ideas Really Come From?

Hint: Like most things in life, it’s all about who you know.

Bad Apples: Steve Jobs and The Woz Started Out By Making Illegal Phones

Long before Apple released the iPhone, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the company’s two founders, worked on a very different kind of phone.

Stephen Hawking Experiments with ESP… and Liquor

Today, Stephen Hawking is revered as one of the greatest scientists in the world, but growing up, he was a terrible student who was more interested in partying than school work.

Chatroulette’s Andrey Ternovskiy: The “Next” Big Thing?

Before he destroyed/perfected the Internet with Chatroulette, Ternovskiy was just a simple hacker.

Jimmy Wales Rewrites History (Starting With His Own)

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Before Jimmy Wales helped innovate the way the world catalogs information, he was known simply as the porn king.

Malcolm X: Sex, Drugs and Jazz

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Malcolm X lived two lives. It was only after his first life came to its natural conclusion that he began the next life, pursuing the work we know him for today.

Nikola Tesla’s Forgotten Inventions

Nikola Tesla changed the world, but was quickly forgotten by it.

Steve Jobs Version 1.0

Steve Jobs was a failure many times over. He never graduated college. He was fired from the company he started then nearly tanked his follow-up company. He even had a daughter out of wedlock, then denied the child was his, only to name a computer model after her (a computer that many, fittingly, have deemed a commercial failure.) Yet, these days, no one seems to doubt that Jobs is a visionary, which is a testament to his power to overcome setbacks and failures.