Zach Galifianakis Was Pushed Into Doing Standup Comedy By A Girl

“My first show was in the back of a hamburger restaurant in Times Square called Hamburger Harry’s. As soon as I got offstage, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. The next 35 shows were terrible, but that didn’t matter.”

Stephen Colbert’s Rough Start in Comedy

Long before Stephen Colbert landed his own show on Comedy Central, the comedian struggled to balance his career with his family obligations.

Paul Rudd, The Bat Mitzvah Singer (VIDEO)

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for Paul Rudd, that meant DJ-ing at bat mitzvahs. Oy vey!

Seth MacFarlane’s Early Sketches

Seth Macfarlane

By the time he was 34 years old, Seth MacFarlane had signed a massive $100 million deal for his hugely popular show Family Guy. Though he was young, MacFarlane had actually been working on cartoons for three decades. He started drawing when he was two, copying cartoon characters like Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny and Fred … Continue reading

Francis Ford Coppola: The Godfather of Skin Flicks

Francis Ford Coppola

The dirty secret of Francis Ford Coppola’s long and otherwise impressive career is that his first few films were nudie pictures.

Houdini, aka Eric the Great


While many choose to focus on the mysteries surrounding his sudden death, the early life of Harry Houdini is just as unusual and unknown. He was born in Budapest, the son of a Rabbi and the fourth child of a family readying to immigrate to America. His real name was Ehrich, though he was really … Continue reading

How Charlie Chaplin Stole His Mother’s Career

Chaplin’s earliest attempts at acting are all deeply connected to his mother’s tragic downward spiral.