Paul Rudd, The Bat Mitzvah Singer (VIDEO)

Talk about a rough first gig.

Years before Paul Rudd starred in popular comedies like I Love You, Man and Dinner for Schmucks, and even before he appeared briefly in Clueless, Rudd worked as a bat mitzvah DJ.

Gabrielle Birkner, an editor for The Jewish Daily Forward, recently posted a video from her bat mitzvah years ago where none other than Paul Rudd turned out to be the DJ.

In this clip, you can watch Rudd limbo and play air guitar in front of a bunch of 13 year olds, all while wearing an obscenely yellow suit jacket with shorts.

Oh well, a comedian has to start somewhere. Watch the video and be sure to keep it in mind next time you have to endure a terrible gig just to make a few bucks.


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